Sunday, January 13, 2013

Healthy Spaghetti

Healthy Spaghetti
Macros: Cals 336, Carbs 30, Fat 9, Protein 44, Sugar 17, Fiber 12

Spaghetti has always been one of my favourite things to eat. This is a great substitute ! I also add a cub of shredded cabbage, if I'm really hungry. Sometimes, when I need to boost my protein, I'll add some cottage cheese to the mix - turning this spaghetti creation into almost a rose sauce! So good.

4 Oz Extra Lean Ground Turkey 99% Fat Free
3- 4 julienne zucchini
4 Oz Red Bell Pepper
1 Oz Light Havarti or Feta
1/2 Cup Prego Light Smart Sauce
1 medium Portobello mushroom
*tons of garlic, basil and other seasoning!

- Using a julienne peeler, cut zucchini into 'spaghetti' strings
- In a large pan, saute turkey until fully cooked
- Chop vegetables and add to pan
- Season as desired
- When vegetables have reached desired consistency (some prefer a little crunch), add 'pasta' and spaghetti sauce
- Cook just long enough so that the 'noodles' are warm, but not too long or they begin to get watery
- Optional, top with cheese or nutritional yeast

This is so filling!

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