Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fish Taco Salad

Fish Taco Salad

Macros: Cals 228, Carbs 22, Fat 2, Protein 33, Sugar 13, Fiber 8

2-3 Cups of Shredded Cabbage (purple or green)
4 Oz Red Bell Pepper (sliced into strips)
1 Zucchini (cubed)
5 Oz Talapia Loin (or white fish of choice - shrimp works too)
2 Oz Greek Yogurt
2 TBSP of a natural Salsa
Low-Sodium Fajita mix
2 TBSP chopped onion

Season fish and cook as desired (broil, bake, bbq, etc.)
Saute vegetables with 1/2 cup of water and seasoning until tender

Mix greek yogurt and salsa
Drizzle over salad

This salad is humungous and filling! 

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