Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spicy Carb-Free Chicken Fingers

Spicy Carb-Free Chicken Fingers

Carb-free chicken strips? Excited, right? Everyone is, until I drop the secret ingredient: pork rinds. Everyone has their reserves about pork rinds and yet tend to feel okay about eating pork in general. Well, it's time to get over it. Take a look at the nutritional profile of pork rinds:

First off, compare this nutritional profile to other deep-fried snacks. There's no comparison. Don't get
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too excited about the protein content though because, while they're quite high in protein, this protein can't actually be used by the human body.

One of the main concerns with pork rinds are their fat content. However, much of the fat content is the same heart-healthy fats similar to that found in avocados! 

I'm not recommending anyone gorge on pork-rinds - please, don't go on a pork rind binge. However, this is a great alternative to other crunchy snacks, and makes for a great crispy chicken batter!

Hot 'N Spicy Baken-Ets (or another spicy flavoured pork rind)
Egg Whites
Chicken breasts
*Optional - Season with garlic salt, onion powder, pepper and salt to taste

- Place pork rinds in a ziplock bag, seal
- Crush until finely ground (you can also use a food processor)
- Empty into a dish
- Cut chicken breasts into desired shape (nugget/strips)
- Place in a separate bowl and coat with egg whites
- Preheat oven to 400
- Lightly coat parchment paper with non-stick spray and place on cookie sheet
- Take chicken out of the egg whites and coat in pork rinds
- Gently place on parchment paper
- Repeat with each piece of chicken
- Cook for 30 minutes

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