Saturday, May 4, 2013

Post-Workout Spiced Greek Yogurt

Post-Workout Spiced Greek Yogurt

This is a great recipe to throw in your gym bag for a post-workout snack. It's a great balance of carbs and protein thats perfect post-workout and provides additional recovery benefits from the ginger (or honey). As usual, this recipe can be tweaked to meet your macronutrient goals or requirements - I switch it up between days, myself.  The basic ingredients required are:

Ginger Powder (or grated fresh if you're really into ginger)
Greek Yogurt
Vanilla Whey Protein
*Need extra carbs? Throw in some honey!

There's two ways to make this recipe, the quick way and the slow way.

The Slow Way
- Chop and soften dates in 3 TBSP Water. This can be achieved by either letting the dates sit overnight or by simmering them. If you are using fresh ginger, simmer ginger with dates.
- Transfer softened dates (and any liquid) into a small bowl/container
- Stir in greek yogurt and spices
- Add Vanilla Whey, if desired.

The Fast Way:
- Chop dates as small as possible
- Mix ingredients together, trying to squish dates as you stir.
- It's a workout in itself.

Today's version
2-3 Dates
8 Oz Greek Yogurt
10 Grams Vanilla Whey
Cinnamon, Stevia and Ginger to taste

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