Monday, May 27, 2013

'Eat More' Protein Bar

'Eat More' Protein Bar

This recipe contains no added sugar or artificial sweetener, is full of healthy fat, gluten free, lactose free and packs a whopping 35 grams of protein!

I haven't actually had an Eat More in decades... but as soon as I tried my creation, Eat More is what came to mind. This recipe is very easy and you can double, triple or quadruple the ingredients to make multiple bars. The coating is a personal preference but is just a means of making sure the bar keeps its form and doesn't stick to everything. I recommend almond flour, shredded coconut or dark chocolate :)

2-3 Dates, Pitted
2 TBSP Water
1 Scoop Chocolate Whey
2 TBSP Unsweetened Cocoa
1/4 Cup Slivered/Sliced Nuts of choice (almonds and peanuts are most authentic)

Topping: Melted Chocolate coating or roll in Almond Flour

- Soak pitted dates in water until tender
- Puree until smooth (by hand, with knife and fork or blender)
- In a small mixing bowl, combine pureed dates with protein and cocoa powder
- Mix until smooth (this will initially seem impossible*)
- Once mixture is smooth, add nuts of choice
- Lightly coat waxed paper with non-stick spray
- Place batter on waxed paper and form a "bar'
- Coat with Almond Flour (so that it's not perpetually a sticky mess)
- Refrigerate or eat immediately

*If it actually IS impossible to combine ingredients add tiny amounts of water*

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